Oh, No You Didn’t

You might have.  Did you?  If you didn’t, you should.

While many of you were drooling over the newest episode of This Is Us and bracing for the season of pumpkin spice everything, everyone who signed up for my book updates was getting previews, early reveals and sneak peeks of what’s happening in and with my book, Does This Cane Make My Butt Look Big?: 27 Thought Hacks for Tackling Vanity, Self-Worth and Disability in a Woman’s World.

Why waste your time waiting in a long line for a Grande-sized pumpkin spiced latte, when my subscribers are all over here getting Venti-sized emails like these?

The cover with the title hit their email boxes before my husband even got a look at it!

I gushed to them first when my book proposal was officially submitted to the publisher.

This illustration titled “Trust me! He can see past the obstacles.” gave them a jump on the vibe and the humor that will be found within the book’s pages.I think you know where I’m going with this. I don’t want you to miss what you’ve been missing.  The good stuff! I have a plate full of goodies that I plan on doling out one sweet morsel at a time in the coming months. Nobody likes a stale cookie.  Get yours hot and fresh out the kitchen by signing up right here:

Before I sign off, I’d like to say thank you for popping in to my first official blog post on this website.  There will many more to come and you’ll be the first to know…or will you? 😉


Here’s another example of a little something that could be dropping into your email to brighten your day.  It’s one of a collection of mantras that correlates with many of the book’s thought hacks. Post it on your fridge, your car visor, in your cubicle or on your social media.

Much love.