You Talkin’ to Me?

When “Talks too much” becomes a gift instead of a liability
It’s true. My dear kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Kormanski, wrote “talks too much” on my report card. 5 years old and I was already branded a chatterbox! It’s been over four decades since what I considered to be harmless schoolroom socializing has paid off big time in the way of a golden opportunity. The kind that doesn’t typically appear out of thin air…or does it?

Two weeks ago, I’m sitting at my desk doing research when I begin staring out the window and wondering if creating my own podcast would help me to better reach a larger number of my target audience. The exposure for my book, potential speaking gigs, and any other projects (mobility device) I’ll be working on related to MS and disability would be priceless. But, wow! I’m in the middle of writing a book. Then, there’ll be publishing the book, marketing the book, and speaking about the book. There’s no way in hell I’d have the time to create and build a podcast presence while trying to reach all my other goals. First things first. Finish the book, Brooke! People need to hear what’s in this book! Ok, ok, ok. Book first, lofty goals later.

The next morning I’m back at it. More writing. More research. I get a Messenger notification from Ken Allen. He’s in charge of marketing for the MS Gym and the founder,Trevor Wicken’s, right-hand man. As usual, I quickly skim read the message. My eyes briefly stop at “podcast”, “massive audience” (19,000+), ” new format”, “interview people in the MS community”, “we need a host“. Ok, now, I’m slowing my roll. Next up, “Both Trevor and I think you’d be perfect for it.” Wait. What?! Still scanning…”You could promote your book, grow your audience…” ending with “Let me know if you’d be interested.”


Well, I’m a firm believer in manifesting your dreams and turning thoughts into things, but come on now! I need to start staring out the window more often!

After the shock wore off and my stomach was done fluttering, I quickly responded. A week, a phone call and a brainstorming session later, and BOOM! I’m going to be the host of the MS Gym Podcast. To date, it’s featured mainly pre-recorded motivational speeches given by Trevor Wicken, the founder of the MS Gym. The new format will feature interviews of MS Gym members, as well as outside sources that provide insight into living well with MS. The potential topics of discussion are endless, and so are my chances to reach just the right audience at just the right time in the trajectory of reaching my goals.
So, there you have it. All these years of loudly and proudly representing my MS peeps has worked in my favor in the most unexpected way. Who knew?!!

Here’s the scoop and where you can find the MS Gym podcast as well as the MS Gym.

Find the MS Gym at:


Find the MS Gym podcast at*:

* As well as many other popular podcast platforms

As always, I can’t thank you enough for your support and riding shotgun with me on this wild and crazy ride I’m on.

Much love,


P.S.  Don’t worry. I’ll make sure to share the first episode with you when it goes live. Wish me luck!
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