welcome to my nightmare

4 to 6% of MS patients suffer from some form of trigeminal neuralgia (TN).

My personal flavor of TN is TN 1, which is typically associated with random sharp, painful electrical shock sensations to the head and face. These symptoms literally bring me to my knees, make me shiver and sweat as my heart races and I hyperventilate as my mind and body prepare for the next shock. I can’t sleep. I can’t drive. I can’t move around freely without potentially triggering an attack. I am a prisoner.

Though I’ve had 3 surgeries so far, TN continues to stalk me like an ex who can’t accept I’ve moved on without them.

On Friday, I’ll be receiving gamma knife treatment in yet another attempt to cage this beast.

Do you struggle with TN? What treatments or surgeries have you had to treat it? Would love to hear about your experiences. Truth telling is welcome. No sugar coating necessary. Knowledge is power. Thanks y’all.❤️

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