Today, I was the recipient of what I can only imagine was a divinely-orchestrated gift.
While we were out doing some research on golf carts (we’re in the market for one), Doug and I unexpectedly decided to pop in and take a look at a friend’s (whose name shall remain anonymous) golf cart. When we got there, he said, “Oh yeah, I’ve got golf carts and scooters and…”. My ears perked up when I heard scooters (I’ve been looking for one to go safely back and forth to our detached garage with all of my schtuff in tow). Doug quickly points out that he was talking about his Vespa…oh😑. His friend says “No, I have a mobility scooter in the house I need to get rid of.” He insisted we go look at it. He says “It’s pink!”.🤔 Really? In my mind, I envisioned a typical 3 or 4-wheeled scooter, which, honestly, I thought would be overkill for my needs. Imagine my surprise when he heaves into his garage this snazzy, low profile mobility POWER CHAIR* (not scooter) that is indeed pink and black and looks like it just came out of the box. I was intrigued! He said “Try it! Take it through the gravel and the grass!” I sat down, put my hand on the joystick thingy and away I went. Forward, backward and with a sweet turning radius, too. I was hooked! I had to have it!! I asked what he wanted for it and he quickly said “Nothing! I’ve been waiting to give it to someone who needs it.” I was like, “No way!” and he replied that his mom (the previous owner) “would have wanted me to have it”. That’s when the tears started rolling. I was in shock. In minutes he and Doug were loading it in our car and we were on our way, me sniffling the whole way home, overwhelmed by his generosity.
I’ve spent the afternoon practicing maneuvers and laughing my head off, because the thing is so fun! In case you’re wondering, the pain pill that I have to take since my surgery for TN makes it much more difficult for me to lift my feet and to balance, hence, the need for more mobility assistance (at least when I’m walking far and carrying things).
What’s interesting is, just before we got to Doug’s friends house, I said “You don’t need to stop.” and we drove past his house. Doug noticing that he was, in fact, home asked if I wanted to turn around and go back. I hesitated, then changed my mind and said “ok”.
Anyway, Doug and I are still both floored by how things unfolded, but, if you knew the character who was the giver, you wouldn’t be surprised. Grateful BEYOND!!🙏❤️

*The power chair I was gifted is a Pride GoChair. Check them out at https://www.pridemobility.com/jazzy-power-chairs/go-chair/.

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