When the renowned Dr. Terry Wahls of “The Wahls Protocol” reaches out to your podcast to help her spread news about a new study she’s recruiting for, first you pinch yourself, then, as an HSCTr, you wanna ask her if it’s true that she had chemotherapy, and, yes, I got my answer (you’ll have to listen to find out).

Not only did she explain how the Wahls Protocol came to be, but what it’s all about and why not all diets work for everyone. Here are the episode notes for episode #1 of 2. Episode 2 focuses more on the study she’s recruiting for and how you can be a part of it. Link to the episodes are listed below.

-Who is Dr. Terry Wahls?
-Her unique perspective
-Eating her way to healthy
-Too weak to sit in a chair
-Why mitochondria is key
-Diet, exercise and supplements
-How it changed her career path
-What MS drugs she’s taken over the years
-Her chemotherapy experience
-Redesigning her Paleo diet
-When the magic happened
-The highlights of the Wahls Protocol
-Where are the nutrients in the food?
-Her troublesome trigeminal neuralgia
-Being able to sit at the dining table
-Making symptomatic strides from food alone
-The bike ride that changed everything
-Bringing the Wahls Protocol to the masses
-When her own residents started trying her protocol
-Running her own clinic
-“Give me your sickest people”
-Is it a healing diet?
-A body’s regenerative capacity
-Fixing the microbiome
Is it a high fat, low carb diet?
-Less sugar, more vegetables and protein, yes or no?
-FATS, what types are important?
-How the standard American diet is destructive
-Meeting people where they’re at
-Explaining why there is NOT a one size fits all diet
-Is coconut oil really like “the devil”?
-Pre-diet blood work
-How our genetic differences change the efficacy of our diet choices
-Should children be on a ketogenic diet
-Who you shouldn’t be listening to
-The family factor
-Dr. Wahls’ study

Click here to access the episode: HOW THE FOOD WE EAT BECOMES THE BRAIN & BODY WE LIVE IN + An inside peek into Dr. Terry Wahls’ upcoming study examining the affect of diet in the MS population

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