59 and LIVING with MS! Yes, LIVING!

I’m swimming, shopping, cooking (if pressed)🤣, babysitting, hosting parties, reading, advocating, podcasting, collaborating, CONTRIBUTING and being PRODUCTIVE all while dealing with the lingering MS symptoms that so many of us deal with…foot drop, numbness, spasticity, hearing loss, imbalance, etc. I use trekking poles for walking and a mobility chair or scooter from @pridemobilityproducts when I need an extra hand getting the complex job of living a full life with MS done with ease.

What are you doing to live your best life despite your MS? Are you leaning on excuses to stay small, or are you using the mobility tools/aids that are available to us to stay engaged, relevant and impactful in your life? I sure hope it’s the latter.

Cheers for now!🥂 I’ve got to get moving while I can still say I’m “50 something”!😉

Hoping you’re all keeping it moving, no matter what your age today!! ❤️

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