It’s been about 6 weeks since the world started shuttering its doors to save us all from a viral stalker by the name of COVID-19. My, oh my, the things we’ve learned and had to accept since then!

We’ve learned how to socially distance; stay at home; stop going to work; be alone together; get by on the money we’ve saved, or are receiving from the government…WAIT, this all feels so familiar.

There’s a reason why a large majority of the world’s population is struggling with their “new ABnormal” and why my MS kindred and I are gliding through it like a champ.

I share my thoughts on the world’s reaction to COVID from the MS/chronic illness point of view on my most recent episode of The MS Gym Podcast titled COVID-19, The Unexpected Equalizer.

Find out the reasons behind the MS community’s chill vibe on the lockdown, plus my 15 predictions for life post-COVID that apply to all of humanity, not just the chronically ill. Click the image below to give it a listen on Podbean, or, it’s available on Apple Podcasts.

Much love and peace from lockdown,


Photo Credits: Amy Hedges Photography

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