Thoughts from my neurologist on covid-19, vaccines & ms

My neurologist’s thoughts on COVID, a COVID vaccine and how I could be affected because I have MS were a wake-up call for me. It went like this…

“- Though you may survive Covid, you might have a tougher go of it (I have the lung capacity of a flea).

– Some patients in the vaccine trials have experienced a fever of 103° for up to 3 days. If you had a 103° fever, you wouldn’t be able to walk (I’ve had much lower fevers and could barely walk).

– When vaccines become available, I would have your spouse get the vaccine. You may want to wait until there’s more data on MS patient reactions before you get a vaccine. (No vaccine for me).”

My thoughts? Mask up buttercup and be smart. You never know who you’re putting at risk. Not just for death, but for increased disability.

Much love and masks,


PHOTO CREDIT: Amy Hedges Photography

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