I’ve always been all about the shoes & boots…before MS and after. So imagine my disappointment as the years with MS ticked by and my mobility became more challenging, so did my ability to find the perfect pair of footwear to fit either my foot brace (when I was wearing one) or to safely and comfortably accommodate my foot drop. By year 5 of my decline, the term “Bummer” evolved to a full-on “Are you effing kidding me?!!” every time I tried on a pair of shoes. Plus, they couldn’t be too loose, or too cushiony or my brain says “Hell, no!” The cushioned foot beds sought after by able-bodied walkers make me feel like I’m walking through a “Fun House” at a carnival. It’s a constant state of balancing yourself within your own shoes! About those loose shoes (sandals included). My brain automatically tunes into the fact that there’s inadequate support and tries to compensate, which makes my walking sloppier and more calculated. It’s exhausting…and dangerous. I’ve spent years adding an extra sock(s) to my foot or even cutting a sock in half and putting it on top of another sock to compensate for the gaps in my heels and toes inside of my shoes. Don’t get me started on rubber soles and foot drop…danger, danger, danger! Yep. Everything has to feel just right. I can’t be the only one, can I?

Let’s move on to the boot lovers out there! I love them all!! But, post-MS, I love either flat or low-heeled boots. The wider the sole the better. Rounded toes are preferred and long, square-toed boots are 911-call worthy. A trip & fall in the making for anyone with foot drop. And, if you wear a low profile foot brace, shoes with a removable insole are a must. The list of dos and don’ts are endless!

For me, the days of zeroing in on every cute shoe or boot and grabbing them in both black and brown went out the window about a decade ago. Today, it’s more like a treasure hunt with a map written in an ancient language. But, when I finally crack the code and find the perfect fit, it’s champagne popping time. After all this time, and all the drudgery, this girl still loves stylish footwear to finish off an ensemble. I’m gonna make it work!

How about you? Tell me about your shoe struggles.👢👠👞

Much love,


Photo credit: Amy Hedges Photography

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