Join me on my maiden voyage (video below) into a CROWDED fall festival with my Pride Mobility Go Chair!

For years, I was only able to cover about 1/4 of this event because I would get tired from walking with my trekking poles, and I wouldn’t be able to carry any of my goodies home (I have a basket attachment on my chair). Add to that, the voices in my head that kept telling me everyone would stare at me, and this annual favorite became a logistically stressful nightmare. I could kick myself in the a$$ for the time my ego and I have wasted worrying what people would think about my current physical status on any given day. Today, nobody looked twice! They could have given a flying eff whether I’m on 4 wheels or 2 legs. They just wanted their damn apple dumplings and pumpkin spice everything!

I can only hope that we all can find the peace I found today when I accepted that I can still enjoy all the things…just a little differently, and I’m down with that.❤️

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