Scooter Life – What are you waiting for?

If you haven’t listened to my MS Gym Podcast episode with Jodi Johnson @msjodijohnson where we discuss SCOOTER LIFE, you don’t know what you’re missing!

For me, it was just the kick in the ass I needed to jump on a scooter and start being even MORE involved, engaged and productive than when I’m using my trekking poles, my Pride Mobility Products @pridemobilityproducts GoChair, or my own two feet.

Yes, you CAN use MORE THAN ONE mobility aid…even if you’re ambulatory. Think of it this way…do you use a spoon to eat a piece of steak? Do you use a knife to eat pudding? Do you wear the same jewelry or shoes for every outfit no matter what circumstance or season of the year?! I’m betting NO. Different circumstances, different tools required…end of story.

Our mobility aids (tools) are effing magical!! They can bring us joy beyond where our two feet can (or can’t) take us. I’m seriously kicking myself in the ass for not embracing the freedom that a scooter can bring. I’ve WASTED at least a DECADE (before and after HSCT) not using ALL of the mobility aids that were available to me. I thought they were too embarrassing, a sign of defeat, I was too flipping vain, I wasn’t bad enough, etc.

You don’t need to be BAD ENOUGH!! I’m screaming this to myself as much as you all. No more passing up opportunities to DO and be involved, engaged, SAFE and free. Scooter Life, my friends. DO IT!❤️

UPDATE…see next post for a scooter update! I was ironically gifted a Pride GoGo Traveler Elite Scooter not long after my Scooter Life podcast with Jodi. Read all about in my July 9 post!

NOTE: I recognize that the way I’m sitting on my scooter in this post’s main pic is not the recommended way to safely sit on a scooter. At the time the pic was taken, the scooter was turned off and I was happily chillaxin’ with gratitude.

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