The MobilIty Aid I never knew I Needed

I finally got a chance to wear this sweet @themsgym hoodie! It’s almost as sweet as the scooter (a GoGo Elite Traveller by @pridemobilityproducts) you see in the pic which I was ironically gifted one week after my “Scooter Life” podcast episode with MS Gym member @msjodijohnson. I can honestly say, after the interview, I had no qualms about jumping on this scooter and livin’ it up! (See video below) I even have attachments (not seen in pic) that can hold both my trekking poles and/or a larger basket on the back of the scooter. Everything I need to get the job done and have fun doing it. Another mobility aid to add to my arsenal!😉✅

No more worries about tripping on the gravel on my way around the firepit! I won’t be missing out on the fun ever again!!

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